“Life changing!”

– quote from an attendee at my Rebel in a Polyester Sash presentation, NTC 2011

I’ve been fortunate to have some great opportunities to share what I’m passionate about with amazing audiences. Many of my speaking engagements are listed below. I’d be happy to talk to you if you are seeking a speaker, panelist, moderator or emcee for your conference or event.

Request me for a speaking engagement. 

My areas of expertise including:

  • The future of work
  • Technology startups
  • The New York technology community
  • Organizational management
  • Organizational culture change
  • Work/life fit and flexibility
  • Building community
  • STEM education, particularly for girls
  • Women in technology
  • Productivity and the brain at work
  • Career development
  • Emcee/event host

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

March – Featured Speaker at SXSW Interactive – Austin, TX

Ongoing – Monthly – Emcee for NY Tech Meetup, the largest monthly tech event in New York City


Previous Speaking Engagements

Jessica Lawrence: On leading from PopTech on Vimeo.

October 2014 – PopTech – Camden, Maine

October 2014The Feast – NYC

October 2014Webdagene – Oslo, Norway

August 2014 – WeWork Summer Camp – Upstate New York

August 2014 – The Conference – Sweden

May 2014 – Hot Topics in Tech 

April 2014 – The Next Web Europe – Amsterdam

April 2014 – PSFK Conference

March 2014 – SXSW Workshop – Beyond Ping Pong Tables: Building Better Companies

February 2014 – 7×7 Mentoring Salon at Social Media Week NYC

February 2014 – Panelist – Roosevelt House – NYC: A City for Tech Innovation? 

October 2013 – Reboot Conference

April 2013 – Fast Company Innovation Uncensored

April 2013 – PSFK Conference

March 2013 – Panelist – WNYC – How Tech Is Changing the Way Women Work

March 2013 – United Nations Youth Summit

March 2013 – Solo Presentation – SXSW Interactive – “There’s No Ambition Gap: Truth About Women in Tech”

November 2012 – Speaker at The Economist – The Ideas Economy Conference 

June 2012 – Speaker – “State of the Startup: Women in Tech” at General Assembly

June 2012 – Speaker and Emcee – “Why We’re Still Talking About Women in Tech” at Conversations with Women in Tech: The State of Women in Tech at NASDAQ

June 2012 – Moderator for “Jumpstart: Concept to Reality” – 2012 Society for Environmental Graphic Design Conference – with Charles Adler, Kickstarter; Mary Ann Naples, OpenSky; Randy J. Hunt, Etsy; Amanda Dameron, Dwell magazine; Virginia Kraljevic, artist and illustrator

June 2012 – Emcee for “An Evening with Ray Kurzweil” at Gawker Media

March 2012 – Panelist – “DIY Together: Where Collaboration Begins” – at General Assembly with Kevin Huynh, Althea Erickson, Campbell McKellar, Andrew Wagner, Eleanor Whitney, and Moderated by Amy Cuevas Schroeder.

February 2012 – Moderator for “Social Sharing and The Art of Doodling” – Social Media Week 2012 at Hearst Magazines with Lance Ulanoff, Doug Jaeger, Evan Vogel, Alexis Ohanian

February 2012 – Panelist – “The Internet and Power: Sopa, Twitter Censorship and Who We Can Trust To Protect Us” – Social Media Week 2012 at Reuters with Jenna Wortham, Alexis Ohanian, David Pakman, moderated by Rachel Sklar

February 2012 – Panelist – “Opportunities and Exclusive Content: Using Community to Empower & Excite” – Social Media Week 2012 at 360i HQ with Veronica Chan of Gojee, Laura Chin of Etsy, Gabe Alonson of 360i, Matt Wurst of 360i

February 2012 – Panelist – “NYC’s Digital Growth through Public Private Sector Innovation” – Social Media Week 2012 at Bloomberg with Kristy Sundjaja, Robert Richardson, Steve Rosenbaum, Jalak Jobanputra, and Danielle Strle

October 2011 – Guest Lecturer at NYU – Social Entrepreneurship

October 2011 – Speaker – New York Times – TimesOpen: Innovating Developer Culture

June 2011 – Opening Key Note – Creating a New Way of Work: How to Embrace, Empower, and Maximize Your Creativity – DIY Business Association Conference – June 2011

March 2011 – Solo Presentation – SXSW Interactive 2011 – “Rebel in a Polyester Sash: Rehabbing Corporate Culture”

March 2011 – Solo Presentation – Nonprofit Technology Conference 2011 – “Rebel in a Polyester Sash: Rehabbing Corporate Culture”

March 2010 –  SXSW 2010 – Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE): Why It Works

November 2009 – Panelist – Next Generation Workplace Flexibility 2009 – Results-Only Work Environment

June 2010 – Speaker – Girl Scouts of the USA – National Product Sales Conference – Presentations on social media and product sales pathways

July 2010 – Speaker – Girl Scouts of the USA  – National Membership & Technology Conference – presentations on social media, volunteer structure redesign

April 2010 – Speaker – Girl Scouts of the USA – Senior Leadership Meeting – Transitioning to a Results-Only Work Environment (ROWE)

January 2010 – California Parks and Recreation Society Region 4/5 Conference – Tweet This; Facebook Me That: The Secret Sauce of Social Media

October 2009 – Shoestring Marketing Seminar – Keynote Speaker on Social Media

October 2009 – Inland Empire Women’s Conference – Panelist on Social Media

Feedback About My Talks

Tweet from SXSW 2013:

@HarshOnInternet: “By FAR the most inspirational talk at #SXSWi by @jessicalawrence #techwomen”

Tweets from SXSW 2011:

@SGaspary: “@jessicalawrence Your presentation was the best one I have been to at #sxswi thus far. Amazed by what you accomplished in difficult space.”

@callahkate: “Fave session today at #sxsw was #rebelinasash, a vivid case of work culture overhaul. @jessicalawrence you rock and thx for the cookies!”

@misswinnie: “the best #sxswi panel of my day was definitely @jessicalawrence’s rebel with a polyester sash.  yay for working with joy!”

@1mgoldstars: “Loving @jessicalawrence’s #SXSWi talk, Rebel in a Polyester Sash”

Tweets From SXSW 2010:

@kkinnison: “Discovered another #sxsw hidden gem: @jessicalawrence. Saturday’s gem: Damian Kulash of @okgo. Both full of very relevant insights.”

@rcjohnson: “Keep @jessicalawrence talking.  Covering the tech changes required for ROWE is perfect. This is the useful portion of #rowewhyitworks”

Kind Words from Other Presentations:

“Jessica is an eloquent speaker and forward-thinking leader.  She spoke at our Next Generation Work event about implementing ROWE (Results Only Work Environment) and was one of the favorite panelists among an impressive group of business leaders.  Our audience said they found her story fascinating, thought provoking and inspiring.” – Jessica Riester, Founder, FlexWork Connection

“Jessica Lawrence was the keynote speaker at ShoeString Marketing, our annual marketing seminar for nonprofit executives.  Her presentation on social media captured the audience and set the tone for the rest of the day.  Jessica made our event a real success!  Our evaluation surveys raved about her presentation” – Tim Sunderland, Chair, ShoeString Marketing, American Marketing Association, Inland Empire Chapter