Ok, so here are the skills that I’m working on, broken into three categories: general, arty/creative, and sporty/fitness…

Think I’m missing something? Let me know!

The General Life Skills Goal Method
Spontaneous thinking and speaking 

Update: Mission accomplished! Graduated Improv 101 on 12/4/2010

Get more comfortable thinking and speaking spontaneously…and more comfortable making a fool out of myself. Improv classes
Competing as team 

Update: started on 8/10/10, on hold until after the holidays

Get more comfortable being on a team that relies on you when the work has nothing to do with spreadsheets and strategic plans. Roller derby team

Update: Took class in September, but still not very good at meditating. Working on it.

Learn how to truly chill out…even just for five minutes. Meditation class

Update: Started on 8/2/10 – made one pretty perfect fried egg, a really good pasta salad with a lemon vinaigrette, and some not bad risotto. Found someone to give me real cooking lessons…

First step: fry nice eggs. Then cook some meat without massacring it. Learn to make a lot of basic dishes well, with a few signature go-to dishes. Experimenting (and maybe some classes later)
Baking Get better than now. Be consistent. Develop a group of signature recipes. Experimenting (and maybe some classes later).
Mixology/Bartending* I’m slightly obsessed with the whole speakeasy-style cocktail thing, but right now I’m limited in my skills to mixing about two ingredients. Rum and coke anyone? 

Learn to make basic cocktails, along with a few signature drinks.

Experimenting (and maybe a side job?)
Wine* Seeing as I barely even know how to open a bottle of wine, I have a lot of learning to do. 

Learn basic different types of wine and how to make basic judgments about the quality of wine; learn 2 to 3 wines in each category that you like.

Wine tasting

Update: Took an awesome Cheese 101 class in September at Andrew’s Cheese Shop. Definitely on my way to being a cheesepert.

I know how to be cheesy, but I don’t know much about cheese. Learn about basic different cheeses; create a palate of cheeses to choose from. Cheese tasting class

*Disclosure for readers under 21: I’m 31. I’m legally allowed to drink. You aren’t. And even though I’m allowed to, I don’t drink that often. But since wine and cocktails are often part of the social situations I find myself in, it will be helpful if I can know enough to be able to order myself something a little fancier than a Shirley Temple. Although I do love Shirley Temples…

Artistic/Creative Skills Goal Method
Hip hop dance Get good enough to not look like an idiot. Classes
Ballet Get good enough to perform and go back on pointe Classes
Jazz dance Get good enough to not look like an idiot Classes
Lindy Hop Get good enough to perform Classes
Guitar Get good enough to play in front of someone Classes
Voice Get good enough to feel comfortable singing in front of someone Classes
Drumming Get enough rhythm so that I can tap out different beats with my feet and hands at the same time. Classes

This next list needs a little more stuff on it, but here’s the start:

Fitness/Sporty Stuff Goal Method

Accomplished Part 1 already! Can now run 3.5 miles. Now working on speed…

Be able to run the 3.5 mile loop by my house without stopping; get speed on treadmill up to 5 mph Um…running?
Flexibility Splits in every direction! Cirque de Soleil here I come! Um…stretching?

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