A few questions I’ve been asked (and some I made up):


Does this mean that you are having a mid-life crisis?


No. It would be a mid-life crisis if I planned to die at 62. That’s a little young for me. I guess you could call this a 1/3 life crisis. Or if we want to be all positive about it, we could call it a 1/3 life opportunity.


Does this mean that you are going go back and do all the bad, illegal, or otherwise immoral stuff that a lot of people do in their twenties?


The answer to that question would also be no. One benefit of going back and doing a lot stuff most people did in their twenties when you’re 31? Your smart enough not to do the dumb stuff.

Question: Your project lasts nine months. Does that mean you just found out you’re pregnant and you’re trying to do this stuff before you have a kid?

Answer: And again, that one deserves a big old NO.

Question: This sounds like fun. Can I join you?

Answer: Ooohhhh…this one finally gets a YES! (well, a little yes and a little no). There are some things I’m going to do on my own (voice lessons being one of the things I won’t subject you to), but there is plenty of other stuff we could do together. Just let me know what you’re interested in and you may be able to join in virtually or otherwise.

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