Corporate culture has a nasty little habit of squashing our senses of creativity and fun. In the past couple of years, I’ve been on a mission to bring laughter, silliness, and creativity back into my life and the lives of the people I work with.

Through that process, I rediscovered my own joy in creation – even if my creations often look like the drawings of a five year-old or end up lopsided with bits of glitter and glue strung all over them – they represent a little piece of me. Something that’s got my heart and soul smothered all over it. Interestingly, all of this creativity has led to some pretty cool business outcomes…like people understanding what I was trying to say much better than they could from a PowerPoint. Rock on stick figures…rock on….

Along Came Sally

As a number of changes were introduced to Girl Scout leaders over the past couple of years, PowerPoint presentations weren’t doing the trick in getting the point across. To help explain the changes, I created the character of “Sally the Girl Scout” and hand drew the following cartoons, shooting the videos using a video camera taped to an overturned trash can in middle-0f-the-night taping sessions. All of a sudden, the previously allusive concepts became much more clear. Sally grew a little fan base and she now gets requests to do the explaining when things get tough.

Adventures of Sally and the Service Area

What in the World Are Girl Scout Pathways?