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Regret Me Not Project Day 11 Rewind: Sushi? Me? Oui.

I’ve had a mostly hate/hate relationship with sushi. Or at least I thought I did. In my Regret Me Not Project intro, I talk about how I probably actually shouldn’t say I hate sushi. Because in fact, the only sushi I had ever tried were a California roll and inari.

On Day 11 of The Regret Me Not Project, I officially checked sushi off the “to do” list. A spicy tuna roll (yum!) and eel sashimi (yuck!) were accompanied by my first glass of sake (mild rice vinegar anyone?).

Here I am eating the tuna roll (no, I’m not in a red light district although I look like I’m taking a bath in red light):

I apologize to all of the people who have wanted to go out to sushi with me over the years but had to choose some place else for us to eat. If it’s any comfort, I definitely learned something: hate is a pretty strong word and I probably shouldn’t use it to describe food that I haven’t actually tried.

You can ask me out to sushi again now. I will say “oui.”

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3 thoughts on “Regret Me Not Project Day 11 Rewind: Sushi? Me? Oui.

  1. Noah

    The other treat thing is most sushi restaurants, at least the ones that Ive been to, offer something for the non sushi people…

    Did you eat the vegan sushi in Chicago?

    • jessicahlawrence

      I totally ate the vegan sushi in Chicago and loved it, but to a certain extent I don’t see vegan sushi as being actual sushi. It’s the seafood part of sushi that always bugged me (and made me think I wouldn’t like it), so eating vegan sushi kind of felt like only a partial-sushi eating attempt.

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